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Increase conversion rates 32.4% with 
Smart Video Ads

If you're not optimising your conversion rates, you're missing out on low hanging fruit. 

Easy process. Fast delivery. Unlimited revisions.

One customer a/b split test showed ads with Smart Video Ads converting 97.2% higher
than not using our video content. Average gain for customers is 32.4% lift in conversion rate.

30 000+ videos analysed to create
the Smart Video Ad framework

They're short

Concise = conversions. None of our Smart Ads are longer than 30 seconds and leave the viewer wanting to know more.

They're thumb stopping

If they don’t watch, they can’t convert! That’s why our Smart Video Ads have a hook within the first 3-5 seconds to capture attention.

They're highly relevant

Smart Video Ads focus on a key pain your ICP can relate to that’s tied to a specific feature/benefit of your product or service.

They make your value obvious

A Smart Video Ad will also illustrate the key benefits that you offer, increasing desire and making it obvious you bring big value.

They're memorable

Smart Video Ads leverage your distinctive assets, helping you to be memorable. A familiar brand is one that converts!

They help to increase conversions

Smart Video Ad examples

Smart Video Ads
are ideal for...

Landing pages

Product pages

Paid campaigns

The unconditional
Smart Video Ads

We want you to love the Smart Video Ads we make for you.

So, you get a generous number of revisions at each production stage
(script, storyboard, animation)...

but we promise an unconditional guarantee that if after we’ve shipped your video having
made all of the amends you want, you still don’t love it, you don’t pay.

This way you are guaranteed to get a video you love and
believe will help you to increase your conversion rates.

Why Smart Video Ads work

We've analysed over 3 million seconds of video performance data. We know what works.


Too many ads are bloated.

Smart Video Ads are lean and highly focused.

This means more of your viewers will watch your ad and be influenced by it.


Too many ads are boring.

Smart Video Ads adopt a "one thing" approach.

This clarity helps to increase engagement helping you be remembered.


Too many ads are bland.

Smart Video Ads are highly relevant to your ICP.

This makes them compelling, increasing desire for your solution.

Our easy 3 step process

It's never been easier to get quality video ads that help to increase conversions


We learn about your ICPs pain points and how key features of your solution solves them.


We deliver your Smart Video Ads. Make as many changes as needed before we animate.

Final Delivery

You get your ads delivered in a variety of sizes, ready to be downloaded and put to work!

What customers say about working with us

Alice Barrett

Marketing Manager, Oliver Wight

"The content ApricotBox delivers has been fundamental in helping us engage with our audience and increase "brand awareness" on social media. The service is very easy and the team are friendly and helpful."

Peter Elgar

Director of Marketing, HPS Solutions

"Without ApricotBox, we would quite simply not publish video content of the same quality, in the same volume or at the same frequency."

Natalie McLeod

Marketing Manager, 15below

"Engagement with our videos on LinkedIn is 30% higher than any other type of article that we post."

Our Offers

Two awesome packages to suit your needs and budget.

Get your ads and start increasing your conversions

Offer #1 The Starter Bundle

Ideal for B2B brands who want to increase conversion rates with limited budgets. (Includes £1176 worth of bonuses.)

You get 1 Smart Video Ad - based on our proven framework to increase conversions.
Bonus 1You get a 2nd video for free. We tweak messaging in the video (i.e. either the hook or call to action) for you to A/B test with. (Worth £799)
Bonus 2: You get 2 x social media videos, crafted from one of your blog posts, white papers or case studies free (perfect for organic social media - worth £399)
Covered by our unconditional guarantee
Order soon! Due to demand, we only offer a limited number of this package per month. Please contact us now to avoid delays to your project.

Get all of this for just £799+vat

Offer #2 The Pro Bundle

Perfect for B2B brands who prioritise conversion rate optimisation. 
(Includes £1598 worth of bonuses.)

You get 6 Smart Video Ads - based on our proven framework to increase conversions.
Having 6 videos enables you to experiment with a variety of messaging combinations or have different ads focus on different products or features within a product - meaning big increases in your conversions.
Bonus 1: You get a free landing page analysis - ideas for increasing conversions based on science of persuasion (delivered as a personalised video). (Worth £999)
Bonus 2: You get 4 free social media videos, crafted from one of your blog posts, white papers or case studies (perfect for organic social media) (worth £599)
Bonus 3: Your project gets priority service. Your work gets put to the front of our production queue.
Covered by our unconditional guarantee
Order soon! Due to demand, we only offer a very limited number of this package per month. Please contact us now to avoid delays.

Get all of this for just £2799+vat


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