Social Media Content Service for B2B Brands

Attract and engage decision
makers on social media

Invest in building a social media following of decision makers and buyer influencers.
Engage the right people with the right content for a stronger brand and more sales opportunities. 

Maximise your impact on social media with relevant and consistent content.

Up to 99% of an audience isn't buying now, so you need to balance the short and long term.

Invest in reaching and influencing the non-buyers who make up 99% of your audience with highly relevant and consistent content.

When they're ready to buy, they'll remember the brand that consistently shows up and provides value.

We can help you become that brand.

How we help brands to win on social:
Social content creation
Tactical plans
Publishing schedules
Content distribution advice
Regular analytics insights
Easy and simple process

We turn your expert content into engaging social media content.

Your blogs, articles, webinars, ebooks, and white papers are goldmines of valuable information.

So we transform your long form, website content into engaging videos, images, text posts, and carousels...

...all designed to be easily consumed on the social platform.

Helping you to capture the attention of your audience and build credibility and demand.

We turn your long form website content into:
Short videos
Short text posts
Average 72hr turnaround

Build your large audience  of future buyers via consistency and structure

Consistency is key, but it doesn't have to be time-consuming.

We make social easy for B2B teams by creating tailored tactical plans and posting schedules for your brand.

We can even:

-come up with content ideas

-campaign themes

- write the copy for your social media posts

So you can maintain a strong presence on social media and build all important consistency, no matter how busy you get.

We make social media easy for B2B brands.

Don’t ignore the masses of non-buyers

Non-buyers might not want your solution now, but will in the future. Use social media as a strategic tool to
reach, engage and prime non-buyers to choose you when they're ready to buy.

If you ignore them

Risk over-focus and overspend on lead gen
Social media not used to deliver long term value
Fail to reach largest part of your audience
Limited brand visibility
You become invisible to potential buyers
Not regarded as industry experts
Risk being overshadowed by competitors

If you optimise for them

Build credibility and demand with future buyers
Social media is a strategic tool for business value
Be seen as the go-to option
More effective use of budget
See increases in pipeline over the long term
Contributes to revenue growth
Out manoeuvre the competition

Examples of our work

Check out these engaging, explainer style social videos:

How we work with you

Native social content production

We turn your expert content (blogs, webinars, articles, ebooks, white papers) into diverse social media formats that resonate with your audience.

Planning for clarity and consistency:

We develop tailored tactical plans and posting schedules, streamlining your social media efforts and ensuring consistency.

Distribution Insights:

We share strategies to increase your content's reach and improve your brand's visibility among your target audience.

Performance Analysis:

We conduct quarterly LinkedIn performance analysis to uncover opportunities for improvement and growth, helping your brand stay ahead of the competition.

What some of our happy customers are saying...

Alice Barrett

Marketing Manager, Oliver Wight

"The content ApricotBox delivers has been fundamental in helping us engage with our audience and increase "brand understanding" on social media. The service is very easy and the team are friendly and helpful."

Peter Elgar

Director of Marketing, HPS Solutions

"Without ApricotBox, we would quite simply not publish video content of the same quality, in the same volume or at the same frequency."

Natalie McLeod

Marketing Manager, 15below

"Engagement with our videos on LinkedIn is 30% higher than any other type of article that we post."

Simple pricing. Awesome value.

Choose the monthly plan that's best for you or contact us
with your requirements for a bespoke quote.



One off video project
Made from long form text content
Includes social post copy
Unlimited revisions



8 social media posts per month
Get 4 videos, 2 carousels, 2 images
Includes social post copy
We come up with the ideas for you
Organic/paid distribution advice
Quarterly LinkedIn performance report
Unlimited revisions
3 months then cancel any time



15 social media posts per month
Get 6 videos, 3 carousels, 3 images, 3 text posts every month
Includes social post copy
We come up with the ideas for you
Tactical plan with campaign ideas
Hashtag analysis for more reach
Suggested posting schedule
Organic/paid distribution advice
Monthly LinkedIn performance report 
Unlimited revisions
3 months then cancel any time

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