Working in marketing or sales means the results you get define your success. Looking for ways to improve results is the practice of a marketing/sales pro who is on the path to impressing their boss and growing the company they work for.

Increasing your conversion rate is a powerful way to boost your results and it’s an area we’ve seen our own clients’ results climb by 97% and up in some cases – using video as a catalyst for this growth.

Read on to find out how to find out how we do this… but first let’s talk math.

I’ve always liked equations – I studied advanced maths and physics at college and honestly, very few things pleased me more than sitting down with a pen and pad delving into algebraic problems.

Call me a nerd all you want (oh, and how I was!) but there’s a certain truth about an equation that I really fell for.

However, some equations I don’t like so much. For example, video marketing is a very popular and effective medium but is often sold as a magic bullet. In terms of the topic of this piece, the equation some would like to sell is:

Video = an increase in conversions.

But the truth is (and this is coming from a “video guy”);

Video ≠ an increase in conversions.

It’s not as simple as sticking a video on your product page and expecting sales or enquiries to climb.

So what’s the difference between video that just sits there – possibly looking pretty but not performing, and a video that influences those who visit your product pages and compels them to buy or enquire?

Fortunately, you’re in the right place to find out!


Optimising Is The Differentiator
Optimising. Great word. One of those words that can make you sound smarter than you actually are…but what does it really mean in the context of video and conversion rates?

Well, it means a lot of things. It means a video that is designed from the ground up to be laser focused on your audience. It’s about looking beyond a simple demographic or even persona and zeroing in on the difference that your product will make in their lives.

It means having a very clear answer to the question “what’s it for?” in relation to your video. Having a crystal clear objective provides a crystal clear framework for metrics and KPIs. So, you will know if your video is paying dividends or if it needs improving.

Finally, it means using data to make tiny adjustments to the video itself after it has been launched. Does it need to be shorter? How are those calls to action working? Is the placement of the video on the product page helping to generate a high play rate? These are just a few of the questions we pose as we analyse video performance and over the weeks and months.

These questions and others have helped us develop our very own video optimising playbook – and it is these tactics that help our clients achieve a really strong ROI – that can be measured.

So now we understand the differentiator that helps to increase performance, why is video as a medium so powerful at increasing conversion rates on product pages, when it is used in an optimal way?

Let’s look at a couple of the most potent aspects:

Video Breeds Trust

Video is a window that shines a light on a product in a way that text and images cannot. It’s the closest thing to real life in that respect.

Would you have more trust in a product that you just read about or one where you can see the product work, move and be used?

Video helps to create trust between the prospect and the product as they see it brought to life in front of them.

Trust is the cornerstone of conversions and sales – without it prepare for low numbers. But creating trust in an authentic way can help to build a relationship with a customer that will help to feel at ease when buying or making an enquiry.

Video Creates Desire

One of the things I love most about the medium of video is it’s ability to evoke emotions. If you want to create desire for your product, focus primarily on the emotive aspects of it.

For example, steer away from technical features (you can explain these on the product page or a separate PDF) and have the video created around the core benefits of using it. Is it easy to use? Does it look great? Will it help to make you more money?

This kind of foundation for a product video will help to create desire – which is more likely to result in a conversion.

These two powerful factors add up to engagement, which equals influence and when you have influence and couple that with a call to action to enquire about a product – or buy it – your chances of them doing so dramatically increase. Which in turn will increase your conversion rate.

Balancing The Equation

Now let’s revisit the equation we started with and see if we can make it work. We know that:

Video ≠ an increase in conversions.

But now, given the above, we can solve to:

Targeted+measured+optimised video = an increase in conversions.

Because of our experience and the results we’ve achieved in this area, we’ve created a brand new video product that is guaranteed to increase conversions on your product page.

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This post was originally published on the Apricot Video Marketing blog

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