B2B Tech Brand Increases Campaign Conversion Rate by 43% 

Key Results At A Glance

Increase in campaign ROI

Conversion rate increase of 43%

Seamless process for ad creation

Ability to easily A/B test video ads

The Challenge

When our client, a leading B2B brand in the cyber security space approached us, their paid ad campaigns were struggling to convert.

With an average conversion rate of 2%, they needed a solution that could boost their results and meet their growth targets. 

They experienced slow growth
Low conversion rate
ROI on campaigns were below targets

Enter Smart Video Ads

They decided to invest in our Conversion Uplift Bundle. The low cost and guarantee gave them the confidence that they could afford to experiment with little risk.

A focus on messaging

Once engaged, we took time to understand our client’s:

- Value proposition
- Their target audience
- The key pains their audience experienced
- The implications of these pains
- The key gains and benefits that our client’s service provided

The Results 

This resulted in an average conversion rate of 2.86% - a significant improvement for the brand.

But it wasn't just the increase in conversions that impressed their marketing team. The process of creating the ads was seamless and quick, with clear communication and a focus on meeting their specific needs.

One of the key features of our Smart Video Ads is their ability to be easily A/B tested, which allowed our client to fine-tune their messaging and maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Overall, the results speak for themselves. Our client saw a significant increase in conversions and a noticeable improvement in the ROI of their paid campaigns thanks to our Smart Video Ads.

Their marketing manager said:

"We were pleasantly surprised by the results we saw from using ApricotBox's Smart Video Ads. The team were a pleasure to work with and their expertise really showed in the final product. We'll definitely be using them again in the future,".

We're excited to see where the future takes them and are confident that our ads will continue to play a crucial role in their success.

Increased lead quality due to clearer ad messaging

Higher conversion rate from lead to sale

Campaign conversion rate increase of 43%

Greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their marketing efforts

Shorter sales cycles (23% shorter)


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