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The video marketing package that magically multiplies* your budget!

*A package of animated videos that improves your results
and priced so generously, people will think you got more budget.

Dear Busy Marketer,

You’re probably reading this on your phone or at your desk, with a lot to do, so I won’t beat around the bush.

From speaking to close to 100 B2B marketers in the last year it’s obvious there’s pressure to deliver results while budgets are tight.

Not easy and many marketers are feeling pressure.

But from what I’ve seen, the key to getting results has been this: leverage.

Small inputs. Big outputs.

And it’s this concept that inspired the Full Funnel Video Bundle:

A package of animated videos that span your marketing funnel that act as an “espresso shot” to performance.

Yes, budgets are tight, so we’ve heavily discounted it. You invest a little and get a lot back.

I’ve run my video marketing agency for a decade.

We’ve analysed thousands of videos. We know what works.

So you can be sure that when you invest in the Full Funnel Video Bundle you’re not merely getting video content.

You're getting a well thought out package of marketing assets we designed to do one thing...

Improve your marketing results.

-Amir Harvey Bazrafshan, Founder at ApricotBox

Why Should You Care?

You’re busy and you have things to do. So why should you give me your precious attention now?

Because this page isn’t really about me or my business.

It’s about how we help marketers like you get results such as:

300% increase in organic reach from social media videos
27.4% increase in demo requests from a landing page video
97.2% increase in sales page conversion rate

Video has also been proven to:

Generate more leads
84% of marketers say video has helped them in generating leads

Get more targeted traffic
86% of marketers report that video has increasing traffic to their website

Help close deals
78% of marketers say that video has directly contributed to an increase in sales

[stats courtesy of Lemonlight]

Read on and discover more about the Full Funnel Video Bundle so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What's Inside
The Full Funnel Video Bundle?

As an experienced marketer, you know that marketing results aren’t isolated to a single part of the funnel.

The funnel is a series of interconnected touchpoints. When they work in harmony, results are strong.

That’s why the Full Funnel Video Bundle consists of:

5 x awareness boosting animated social media videos
1 x engaging explainer that makes the value you provide obvious
1 x animated success story that builds trust and authority
BONUS 1: Get an expert LinkedIn company page analysis. I use a proprietary formula to calculate “social share of voice” and deliver 3 to 5 action points that will increase performance. I’ve done over 100 of these and they always add value
BONUS 2: Learn EXACTLY how to use each asset to increase your marketing performance. This tactical playbook distils 10 years of video marketing experience into actionable items that help you get real, measurable results.

Examples of our work

Social media videos

Success story videos

Explainer videos

Relax, We've Made it Easy for You!

By now, you’re probably wondering “how much of my time will this demand?”.

Don’t worry, we’ve made the process a light touch for you.

We will have a quick kick off chat to ensure alignment.

After that, you build a brief in a few easy clicks, upload your brand guide and we do the rest.

All you need to do is approve the work. Simple.

Sounds Awesome, How Much Does it Cost?


Normally £7000+

5 x animated social media videos

1 x animated explainer

1 x animated success story

Unlimited revisions

Script writing


Voice overs for explainer and animated success story


BONUS 1: Free LinkedIn company page analysis

BONUS 2: Free video marketing tactical playbook

Contact us to arrange a chat about this package. Once agreed, we send a contract and work kicks off!



Normally £7000+

Pay upfront for additional £500 discount

5 x animated social media videos

1 x animated explainer

1 x animated success story

Unlimited revisions

Script writing


Voice overs for explainer and animated success story


BONUS 1: Free LinkedIn company page analysis

BONUS 2: Free video marketing tactical playbook

You will be taken to a payment portal to pay for the package. A receipt will be sent to you and we will be in touch FAST to arrange a project briefing chat.

Need premium?

If you need something premium, let our senior staff create your videos. Upgraded design, motion and layouts. Packages start at £12000 + VAT. Contact us for more.

What some of our happy customers are saying...

Alice Barrett

Marketing Manager, Oliver Wight

"The content ApricotBox delivers has been fundamental in helping us engage with our audience and increase "brand understanding" on social media. The service is very easy and the team are friendly and helpful."

Peter Elgar

Director of Marketing, HPS Solutions

"Without ApricotBox, we would quite simply not publish video content of the same quality, in the same volume or at the same frequency."

Natalie McLeod

Marketing Manager, 15below

"Engagement with our videos on LinkedIn is 30% higher than any other type of article that we post."

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is included in the "Full Funnel" video bundle?

The Full Funnel Video Bundle comprises 7 expertly crafted animated videos designed to bolster your marketing strategy across various stages of the funnel. This includes:

5 Animated Social Media Videos to enhance brand awareness among your target audience.
1 Explainer Video to articulate your brand’s value succinctly, ensuring clarity among prospects.
1 Animated Success Story to showcase your brand’s achievements, fostering trust and credibility.

Additionally, you'll receive two free bonuses: a professional LinkedIn company page analysis and a tactical playbook to maximise the impact of your video assets.

How much input is required from me during the video creation process?

Your involvement is minimised for your convenience. Initially, you'll provide a quick brief, brand guidelines, and any branded assets. After, you only need to approve the work, making the process light-touch and hassle-free for you.

How long will it take to deliver the complete video package once I place the order?

The complete video package will be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks. However, the process can be expedited if necessary to meet your deadlines.

How do the unlimited revisions work? Are there any hidden fees or additional costs?

The unlimited revisions mean you can request as many amendments as you desire, provided they are within the scope of the initial package. There are no hidden fees. However, if you approve a project and later change your mind, a small additional fee may apply for further revisions.

Who are you?

I am the founder of Apricot with 20 years of experience in marketing and a decade as an agency owner. Holding a diploma in strategy from Harvard, trained with Ogilvy, and a coach on Seth Godin’s altMBA, I've also coached leaders at top companies like IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, and YouTube. Our HQ is based in the Midlands, UK. While our workforce is globally diverse team.


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