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ApricotBox is a monthly subscription and our customers are enjoying a raft of benefits from getting regular ApricotBox videos. 

Posted consistently, these videos are helping our customers benefit from:

More attention

More awareness

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"Easy and quick to deal with. I had my video within 48 hours of submitting my blog post - all I had to do was watch it and download 

Paul Thompson - Robbins and Thompson

Graphic Designer

"I've been impressed with their accommodating our every wish without any sense other than they genuinely wanted to make us happy!"

Gary Williams - Questas


Meet The Founder

Amir Bazrafshan

ApricotBox Founder & MD of Apricot Video Marketing

A self confessed video marketing geek, Amir runs two video related businesses - a full service agency along with ApricotBox.

The agency is over 9 years old, but during 2020, the pandemic hit hard. Meaning Amir had to re-engineer his business model quickly.

ApricotBox was launched and offers an affordable and scalable video marketing solution for B2B brands who want to grow online.

Head of Design


Is the video really free?

Yes! Completely and totally free - we have made over 200 of these to date.

Why are you offering a free video? What's the catch?

No catch! We make these videos to raise awareness of what we do and to give businesses the chance to try us out. It's just a free trial really. Around 20% of businesses who take a free video end up signing up with us.

Will you put me into a sales sequence if I get a video?

Nope! Some customers ask to see our pricing page after we deliver the free video - but there's no hard sell or silly business like that.

How do you make the videos?

Our writers take your blog and create the video copy - then our animators craft an on brand video for you, using pro Adobe tools so you get a top quality finish.

How long is the video?

We recommend a duration of between 20-45 seconds - this is ideal for social media - the more concise and punchy, the better!

How many rounds of amendments are included?

You get 3 rounds of amendments - and each round contains unlimited amends. So you'll have plenty of chances to let us know just how you want your video to look. 

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