B2B Security Tech brand increases conversions by 73% with ApricotBox 

Key Results At A Glance

Increase in lead quality

Conversion rate increase

Reduced sales cycle

More brand awareness

More direct traffic

Greater deal size

The Challenge

Our client, who is a B2B tech brand, with a focus on security, reached out to us in early 2021.

Although the business was established, it faced key challenges that needed to be surmounted in order to reignite growth.

Slow growth
Too many low quality leads
Low conversion rate
Slow growth on social media
Low awareness within their market 
A lack of clarity about the value they provide

The ApricotBox Methodology

We applied our ApricotBox Methodology to demand generation which fundamentally helped to realign their marketing with how prospects think, decide and buy:

Funnel Analysis

We looked at lead sources that were converting into new business and separated them from sources that weren’t revenue producing.

Ear marketing the budget from areas that were not producing revenue meant that spend could be redirected, as opposed to more being taken from their budget

Developed Core Messaging

We dove into key segments and clarified their ICP and worked to deeply understand the real issues they were having.

This provided us with powerful insights that informed positioning and messaging.

Distinctive Brand Assets

Although the brand was established, they lacked assets that were distinctive and enabled them to stand out and be easily recalled.

We created core brand assets and established DBAs that could be leveraged in online assets over the long term.

Category Entry Points

We consulted with their marketing team to identify Category Entry Points. This provided us with leverage for messaging and marketing campaigns.

Meaning we were able to not only be highly relatable to the target audience but more memorable.

Tactical Plan

We developed an initial 12-month plan of action that included:

- Managed campaigns that communicated their value proposition

- A break down of the key problem they solved (and why it was important)

- The impact/change their solution made

- Evidence/proof of results

- Regular analysis and insights that re-informed strategy 

- Suggestions to optimise demand capture to improve lead generation

The Results 

After 6 months we were seeing positive signals from the campaigns. Namely, more direct traffic, more high intent web page views and growth on social media. 

Plus, new leads were telling us that they had seen our campaigns online and were positively influenced by them.

Our ongoing reporting and analysis have highlighted that our work has produced:

Increased lead quality

Higher conversion rate from lead to sale (increase of 73%)

More brand awareness

More direct traffic

Higher average deal sizes (~10% increase on average)

Shorter sales cycles (23% shorter)

Although the results are powerful, our work is not yet done. The aim is to make the brand into the go-to, obvious choice in their field and will include scaled out branded content such as a YouTube channel and a podcast.


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