Visual content that
sells your B2B brand 
on social media

We easily turn written content into videos & carousels that fuels demand on B2B social.

Simply paste a link & click a button. We do the rest!

Customers report faster audience
growth and an increase in engagement

Your blogs and white papers brim with your expertise. Don't keep them locked away on your website!

Posting links to social media doesn't work any more.

Only a fraction of your audience will click through to your website from organic posts. 

We turn your best written content into videos and carousels, perfect for wow-ing your audience in-feed...

...AND we make the entire process super easy so you can focus on your other priorities.

Customers report faster growing audiences AND more engagement when they use us for a minimum of 3-6 months.

Super easy to get and impressive quality.

Social video, made from blogs/whitepapers

Carousels, made from blogs/whitepapers

Why invest in the
Supernova Social Package?


The gorgeous videos and carousels we make for you will help you to stand out on busy timelines.


Our content is a GREAT way to educate your audience, in feed. Deliver more value in the most engaging formats.


The visual consistency we bring will help you be memorable and sell your brand on social media.

We enable the busiest B2B marketers
to be more consistent with social media

Increase your consistency

No hassle, easy service

Talented creative team

Super friendly support

This is how easy the
Supernova Social Package is...

1. Order your content

Our ridiculously easy process takes seconds.

Simply paste the link to the blog/white paper you want us to turn into something beautiful and choose the asset type. That's it!

Additional comments and attachments such as logos etc. are optional.

2. View and approve

We send the content directly to your inbox and use an easy to use platform for you to review the work.

Got tweaks? Just jot them on the page and we will do the rest!

3. Download and deploy

Once you're happy, mark the content as "approved" and simply download and publish on your social media accounts.

Need tactical ideas on how to best deploy visual assets? We've served over 100 B2B brands and we have your back!

What some of our happy customers are saying...

Alice Barrett

Marketing Manager, Oliver Wight

"The content ApricotBox delivers has been fundamental in helping us engage with our audience and increase brand awareness on social media. The service is very easy and the team are friendly and helpful."

Peter Elgar

Director of Marketing, HPS Solutions

"Without ApricotBox, we would quite simply not publish video content of the same quality, in the same volume or at the same frequency."

Supernova Social Package Pricing

£299 / $375

Put us to the test!

Get an awesome social video

> 1 engaging video for social media (up to 60 seconds)

> Made from a blog, e-book or white paper

> 2 rounds of revisions for each asset, for free

> Super easy, hassle free process

> On brand guarantee

Best value!

£1499 / $1879

Just £149/$187 per asset!

Package of 10 visual assets

> 5 engaging videos for social media (up to 60 seconds)

> 5 beautifully designed carousels

> Made from your blogs, e-books and white papers

> Fantastic for educating your audience

> 2 rounds of revisions for each asset, for free

> Super easy, hassle free process

> On brand guarantee

> Fantastic value

> Tactical ideas on how to best utilise the assets

Need more content?

No problem. If you need a larger package, just get in touch and we can give a bespoke price for up to 50 high quality, branded visual assets.

The easy peasy next steps


Get in touch

Click the CTA button on this website, it will take you to a form. Pop your details in and we'll reach out to you!


Quick chat

These chats tend to last 10-15 minutes and are really valuable if you have questions about the service or want to discuss ideas for your content. We can help ideate if you need (no extra cost).


Order your video

Once you confirm you'd like the package, we send you a personalised, private video order form. It's never been easier to get high quality visual assets. Literally build a brief in seconds. Paste links, click a button!

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